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La hora del cuento

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It all started when we met at a storytime at the library.

Spanish Storytime


Lincoln Square


Story time

la hora del cuento

It all started when Jessica and Catalina, two bilingual moms, met at a storytime at the library. The storytime was filled with energetic kids, fun stories, and a librarian that reminded Jessica of the librarian from Roald Dahl's famous children's book Matilda. There was only one thing standing in the way of the storytime being everything both moms had hoped for, a storytime in Spanish. After extensive Google searches, both moms were surprised to find that in a city as diverse as Chicago that there were not many storytimes offered in Spanish. A few play dates later, Catalina and Jessica set out to create a Spanish storytime - La hora del cuento!

Jessica is a first generation Mexican-American with a background in information technology. She enjoys reading children's books and is passionate about volunteering her time towards promoting literacy in English and Spanish. Catalina is a native Spanish speaker from the beautiful country of Colombia and holds a PhD in Spanish. She is committed to helping her daughter learn Spanish and is interested in creating spaces for children from diverse backgrounds to learn and enjoy language learning. 

Spanish Storytime - La hora del cuento is honored to partner with parents, educators, libraries, and community groups to provide Spanish immersion and bilingual storytimes that celebrate Latinx culture. Our goal is to encourage children and adults to #readinspanish! 

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Children Ages 0-5 *   

Siblings are welcome. 

Whether you are bilingual or just exploring language learning, this is a welcoming environment for all levels.



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Best of all, it's FREE!



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* Children must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver.

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